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Questions? email us at effluxrc@gmail.com   We are located in CA U.S.A.  


Mach ALL ALLOY 80mm, 161 mph Habu 32....2 videos:



70mm SAPAC Viperjet.......



   AMA show 2014:


  for our 70mm, full composite F-20 Tigershark


One of our Habu 32's.. A popular fan motor conversion is the Jetfan 80...call us for a 6s - 12s recommendation.


MEGAmotor orders:

As there are a large number of sizes and options available, many of these motors are built to order. Please note that the lead time on these mtors can be from 30-40 days from MEGA to us. Please consider this BEFORE you place your order.

Our All ALLOY EDFs have been AMA appv'd since July 2011


 90 mm ALL ALLOY powered L-39

                                                   Cal Jets 2011:

                                      "Engineering Excellence EDF"

                  for our 70mm, All ALLOY EDF powered SAPAC Viperjet


We offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING  Please Email or call us for international shipping pricing on larger boxes.

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Please visit our YouTube channel for bench test and filght videos  http://www.youtube.com/user/effluxRC